No Resolutions- No Regrets

As the world waves goodbye to yet more famous icons it seems everyone is ready for 2016 to be behind them, many making claims to it being 'the worst year ever'. My social media news feeds are once again graffitied with slogans along the lines of 'New Year New You'. Christmas (in my eyes) is not even over and yet slimming world ads have appeared on my internet browser telling me to ditch the Christmas pounds. 

Before we all begin mulling over the resolutions we are going to make, be it losing weight, buying a house, changing jobs, can I just ask, maybe this year, we don't? I have a very mixed view of New Years resolutions. I used to think they were hugely positive, a way to reinvent yourself, ditch the things you are not happy with and replace them with things which will improve your life. One can strongly argue this point, but if you step back a little, and think about it, we are in fact simply being told that the old 'us' was not good enough. As the end of 2016 rolls up I am led to believe that I am overweight, not rich enough, not successful enough, not tanned enough, not intelligent enough and seriously under travelled. You know what, screw you resolutions, I am doing just fine.

I am sure every single one of us would like to change something about our lives. More money would always be helpful. I would LOVE to read more, if only I had the time. And don't even get me started about the desire to jump on a plane and bathe my pasty flesh on a deserted Barbados beach instead of battering it with biting January rains. But if we all start the new year filled with the negativity that comes with being told we simply MUST improve, how are we expected to fulfil completely unrealistic goals. 

This New Year let me remind you that you are amazing, for just being you. We all have our own struggles, and we all fight our own battles, and for succeeding to do this every single day makes every one of us a hero!  By all means go ahead and accomplish something you can be proud of in 2017, but how about we start the new thinking, 'Christmas is over- I  survived!' Let's embrace the new year and just be grateful we have each other, our homes and most of all be happy in ourselves. If we can start the year so positively, just imagine the things we can achieve!