For the love of nap time...

She wakes, darkness enwraps the room,

It is too early, yet she wakes.

An ear splitting shriek pierces the air,

In a second I know the morning that



My weary body stirs from it's slumber,

I smile and caress my small child,

But I already think of you,

How many hours till we meet again?


Breakfast- cornflakes decorate the floor,

Spilt milk on the carpet,

Sure to stench in days to come,

My head, throbbing.


I gasp at the cool morning air

The dog launches at next door's cat,

The toddler has fallen,

Through her tears I long for you.


On the school run I will excuse

The vengeful behaviour displayed,

Teeth, post jabs, bad night,

They all just think 'brat'.


But you are so forgiving,

Never judging of our morning,

I clock watch as she screams for snacks,

But our meeting still so distant.


At playgroup she bites again,

Then laughs when I scold,

Our meeting draws nearer,

I can ignore the disapproval in their



Once home I regain my patience,

Though the fish is out her bowl,

The dog has peed on the rug

My tea is 'oh' stone cold.


Kill some time, load the dishwasher,

She goes for all the knives,

Hang the washing instead,

She pulls my sheets from off the line.


Take a breath, you are almost here,

Just lunch, then we meet,

She pulls the eggs from their shelf,

Cracks each one beside my feet.


The sandwich is not cut right,

Her breadstick broke in two,

She screams when I peel her banana,

Something she wanted to do.


A new banana found,

Just thirty minutes left,

I wipe the crumbs from the table,

Then plead to wipe her face.


Then all at once you arrive,

The calm begins to show, 

A warm embrace as she nods off,

I kiss her lovely face.


Dear nap time we meet again my friend,

Please relax and stay a few,

As I catch up upon the adult news (Facebook),

And all the work I have to do (Instagram).

I know someday soon,

You will leave this place,

But please know before you do,

Gone perhaps, but never forgotten,

This love runs deep for you....