Little things please little minds.

My husband made a comment as we served up Sunday lunch. I don't even remember what the comment was but it was so unintentionally innuendo filled it triggered a fit of giggles in me. By the time we sat at the table I had tears streaming down my face. My partner, only mildly amused, retorted with 'little things please little minds.' He may have a point.

Since having children I seem constantly amused by small things. It does seem that the best things really do come in small packages. Tiny fingers and toes bring such joy, little laughs, and the small things kids say. I would prefer to be referred to as having a great mind, but if little things please little minds, then so it must be. 

Little O and I have had a productive, happy morning. She is down for a nap now while I catch up on various bits of work. Despite the dreary outlook outside, I certainly feel very content. I believe it has been the string of 'little things' that have gone so well today that have contributed to my chilled out mood. For the big things to go right, it always helps if the little things slot into place to start with, and as a parent these little things can be minuscule... but they matter....

The littlest things going well today... 

- I was only woken up three times last night (yes obv less would have been better, but considering the late night jip we have had recently this is good going.)

- I found matching socks and a 'good' pair of pants. 

- S put on all her uniform with minimal arguements, disagreements, or standing naked in front of the TV. 

- When little O's breadstick broke there was no tantrum, despite her parents freezing in sheer terror when they realised it had been the last 'perfect' one in the box. 

- Tagteam parenting worked perfectly, toddler in buggy after only one rotation of dining room table. 

- Said toddler also forgot to do washboard pose until after the straps were done up. 

- I noticed every mitten, boot and hat drop between home and school! I have all accessories!!! 

- it isn't raining. 

- the 'poop' on little O's shoe turned out to be mud. 

- Speaking of poop she did her biggest, stinkiest morning nappy on Daddy's watch today, bonus! 

- Postman avoided our house, no bills today. 

- I found a note saying 'mummy I love you' on the bills I DO have to pay makes the task so much more joyful.

- Whatever it was O found under the sofa and put in her mouth and swallowed didn't kill her (at least not yet!?!)

- Little O thought about throwing the last toilet roll down the bog, but was disctraced by a box of tampons... 

- She drew on the shiny door surface not the wall- wet wipe will do the trick this time.

- I remembered to revisit S's spellings before her test today, she also has lunch, bookbag, PE kit AND water bottle.... God I'm good. 

- There is an offer on my favourite chocolate (may or may not have bought six bars) 

- Little O went down for a nap, without arguement, and I can get on with some work!  

It is all going well. All I need now is for the rain to hold off during afternoon school run, for S to leave school on time, and for the girl's colds to remain as just colds and all will be fine! It may not be big, it may not be important, but in my world we are conquering Monday in style!



 *NB only just getting round to actually posting this on Tuesday... after toddler has woken up every hour all night, thrown a tantrum when there was no pizza in the house and eldest stood on ACTUAL dog poo on way to school. Remember Sarah, the little things, the little things, you can do this.