It's ALWAYS a good idea (after a glass of wine)

So it's January, the world is back at work and the kids are heading back to school (I hear some of you whoop with joy!). And a large majority of you are starting New Years Resolutions. While walking my dog today I passed countless runners, everyone trying to shed some Christmas excess, and I have to admit I felt a little knot in the pit of my stomach.  

I didn't make any resolutions. I never do. Instead I have a longer term commitment. An agreement I made at the end of last summer. My husband and I polished off a bottle of wine. Having been pretty out of the drinking loop post baby, I was well on the way to being merry and we got chatting about plans for the future. I felt we were in need of an adventure. Adventures always seem like a good idea after a glass of wine (or two). 

I could have chosen an easy adventure, a 10k run maybe- ok perhaps not easy for a non runner, but achievable. Running, after all is very accessible. You put on your trainers and you run. No, I wanted an out of the ordinary adventure, something a little different.  Therefore my long suffering husband and I are to kayak Loch Lomond in April. 

Let me just lay out the facts- 

1- I don't row, or kayak, or canoe. I have splashed about in a lake once or twice, but that is my limit. 

2- I have ZERO upper body strength. Ok- I used to have zero upper body strength, now I have kids so I have the strength to hook small children under my arms to escape public places quickly when tantrum unfolds. I do not have the strength to kayak 24 miles.

- Incase you missed that, the Loch is 24 miles. 

- That's 24 miles.... 

- I don't live anywhere near Loch Lomond. I went there once as a child, but considering I live in southern England I shall have to wait to see it again when we go up there to row it. 

- I also do not live particularly near any other bodies of water so 'popping out' for a quick training session is not possible. I will have to train on the Thames, in the biting January rain, and arrange a babysitter.

- April will be spring!!! Well, that's what we thought when we set a date. Then we remembered it's in Scotland.... I'm fairly certain their spring is just a slightly milder version of winter.  

- To top it all off, given we need a babysitter to watch the children while we partake in said activity from hell, we had to bring a family member with us. Then once one family member was on board, several others thought it would be fun to come along also, you know to offer moral support (laugh). So not only will I have to suffer the punishment of my own tipsy enthusiasm, I will have people watching that I know, who can always remind me of it.


In September it was a lovely far off vision, a day out in the spring sunshine, surrounded by stunning scenery. In January, with only 3 and a half months to go, it is less than desirable. I would call it all off now except in my drunken haze I also decided it was a good idea to do it for charity, so now my local children's centre, and all our generous sponsors are counting on us. I shall therefore look forward to biting winds and chilblains over the coming months as we embark on a training schedule. From me to you, if you haven't quite decided on your New Year's Resolutions as yet, maybe don't do it over a glass of wine. A glass of wine makes EVERYTHING seem like a good idea. 

 (I'm sure I'll love it once I'm there right!?!?)