I don't usually post recipes but I wanted to share these yummy 'healthy' chocolate truffles. It is five days into the new year and I am craving all the unhealthy treats I devoured over the Christmas period. Sadly for me, two weeks of excess means a nasty flare up of the inflammatory bowel disease I am plagued with so I now MUST EAT HEALTHILY. As I was not concentrating this morning, and therefore getting zero bracelets made I took a step back and whipped these up to satisfy the craving without giving in to junk!




2 large handfuls of Gluten Free rolled Oats

300g Ground Almonds

100g Raisins

225g raw Crunchy Peanut Butter we like this one- 


4 large tablespoons Raw Honey

2 heaped tablespoons Cacao powder (or 100% Cocoa if Cacao not available) 

3 heaped tablespoons Coconut oil.  

Extra Cacao for dusting. 



- Place all the dry ingredients in a bowl, then add raisins, peanut butter, honey and Cacao.  

- Melt the coconut oil gently on the stove, once melted pour over mixture. 

- Work the mixture together with your hands until it binds together. If it is too dry melt a little more coconut oil and add until desired consistency.  

- At this point taste the mixture. These ingredients are rough and I often 'tweak' them until I am happy with the taste. If the Cacao is too bitter add a bit more honey. If the mixture is too sticky add more oats. 

- Once you are happy with the taste and texture break off small, truffle sized pieces and roll into a ball shape with your hands. 

- Dip the balls into the extra Cacao/Cocoa  

- I find it is best to serve these in mini cupcake cases as they can be a little messy when eaten! 

Store in the fridge in an airtight container. And enjoy! 

Even a hit with the kids! They never last long in our house!  

Even a hit with the kids! They never last long in our house!