Morning Sickness! A poem for #worldpoetryday

Keats, it is not.... nor Wordsworth... but poems come in all shapes and sizes and on all subjects! So how about a glimpse at morning sickness? After all it is the reason I won't have any more children! It's horrific enough to deserve it's own poem on World Poetry Day... 


Morning Sickness


I'm ok to work,

Tell myself a lie,

My breakfast isn't sitting right,

My stomach all awry.

It's just a little nausea,

What with baby due,

Everyone gets morning sickness

not just selected few?

Customers burst through the door,

I smile my largest smile,

But their perfume is so sickly,

Eau de 'toilet' comes to mind.

They try on items,

Make me fetch,

All the while,

I want to retch.

My pallor green,

My voice a quiver,

I need fresh air,

My body shivers.

'All right love?'

A husband asks,

I try to nod, it's coming,

Try to move,

All too late,

I've vomited over Jimmy choos..