The Honest Mumpreneur

If you look up the term 'Mumpreneur' in the urban dictionary it describes- 'a woman who sets up and runs her own business in addition to caring for her young child or children.' It sounds like a very noble cause. Why, then, did I feel as though I had been slapped in the face this week when described as one.

'Oh, check you out! Quite the Mumpreneur! It's a wonder what you can achieve when you are at home with the kids... all that time! I'm quite jealous.' 

Hmm... that's why. This childless acquaintance works in London. She has a very demanding job. Whilst I'm certain she didn't mean it as an insult, it certainly felt like one. I suspect she pictures me with my feet up, as my children merrily dance around our Cotswold retreat, sipping wine and working on frivolous tasks as she is knee deep in blood sweat and tears.

The term was thrown at me following a conversation about the release of my book, a very silly poetry book which, I admit, was rather fun to work on. This happened alongside the work I do attempting to set up a business selling my handmade jewellery and gifts, the ghost writing I do and my day job as a freelance writer. Not to mention looking after my children. To me, I sound busy. To her, it sounds as though I have too much time on my hands.

I do not wish to detract in any way from the work she does. She works harder than most people I know. But then so do 'Mumpreneurs'. My day consists of running my eldest to and from school, clubs and social events. My youngest is with me all day. We do playgroups, classes, park trips, playtime alongside attempting to keep the house clean, my family fed and clothed. This in itself, takes up most of the day. Once my children are in bed, be it at nap time or bedtime, then I am working. My day job comes first, if I have any free time after that then I do the best I can with my own  'stuff'. I don't have the luxury of leisurely evenings in front of the TV. If I want to read a book this cuts into my sleeping time. All this is wearing me out and I am not really a 'Mumpreneur' at all. My business is not bringing in much money- it is new, and unknown. I am not sure how I will get it all done if I ever 'make it.' 

Why do I do it? Because, quite simply I want to. I know I work hard now, but I hope one day I will make it. I long to run a successful business doing something I am truly passionate about. Should that day arrive then I hope I can be recognised for the entrepreneur that I will be, rather than a Mumpreneur. I want to be seen as a successful business women, and for me those labelled as Mumpreneurs are not getting the recognition that they truly deserve. We work hard. Please don't detract from that.