It's Ok

It's OK


Your face is haggard,

Bags under eyes,

First lot of grey hairs,

First lot of lines.

The kids kept you up all night,

Tag teaming in turn,

Bad dreams for first born,

Bad cold for the little 'un.

They fight over breakfast,

Refuse to get dressed,

Can't find their reading book,

Haven't packed their lunch.

Late for school again,

Teacher gives a look,

Toddler starts to cough and retch,

Makes herself sick.

The house is a mess,

Loads of laundry to do,

Husband will be late again,

It's all down to you.

Try to get on top of it,

But all gets too much,

Find yourself in tears,

As toddler screams for lunch.

She refuses her nap,

The day you need a rest

The dog whines for her walk,

The landlord wants the rent.

You are past the breaking point,

When they finally get to bed,

Husband stumbles through the door,

Following day from hell.

You bite your tongue,

Seems like nothing new,

Once more, so close to tears,

Again, they've exhausted you.

It's ok to feel sad,

Some days don't go so well,

Doesn't mean you love them less,

They still know you care.

Tomorrow is another day,

So rest your weary head,

Tomorrow they will laugh and play,

And you will smile instead.