Prince William- don't get Man Flu

I wasn't sure I would have baby number two. Don't get me wrong, I wanted a second child more than anything. Having grown up with a lot of siblings, I always knew I wanted that for my daughter; the sibling love (and hate) the adventures, the games. But with my first pregnancy I got sick. I was sick A LOT. My journey to work often involved sticking my head into various bins. I barely ate for weeks. Could I REALLY go through that again? 

Somewhere along the line, when my eldest suddenly became a little girl, I decided it was time. She was out of nappies, in a big girl bed, off to preschool each day. It was now or never. So it happened. I read the positive pregnancy test the week I moved away from my home of ten years, away from all my friends, to a place where I knew no one. I got sick immediately. In comparison, pregnancy number one was a doddle. Let's face it, I could actually work. With number two I could barely make it down the garden. I would vomit for hours on end. Every smell made me sick. I couldn't even have cuddles with my daughter as her smell made me ill. To make matters worse my husband had to finish his contract with his last employers so I was alone with a three year old, in a new house, a new town. I didn't even know where the doctors was. My idea of Hell. 

Eventually things settled down a little. My husband was back with us, my daughter enrolled in a new preschool. I was placed on anti sickness pills, which took the edge off (read: from vomiting a million times a day to about fifteen). Despite beginning to cope, by this point in my pregnancy I had lost my sense of humour entirely. The vomiting jokes were met with evil glares. I began resenting my family for not living closer to help me out. Then my husband got Man Flu.

When you have felt ill for 30 weeks it seems like no one could possibly feel as ill as you do. So I remember the day well. He arrived home from work early, the front door opened to a sniffling, dripping mess. 'I'm sick' he announced, 'Can you get me a honey and lemon?'. There is something about Man Flu. I have to be honest my husband is really very good at getting on with it, he rarely succumbs. So on this occasion he probably did feel dreadful, but sadly, I could not part with an ounce of sympathy. As Man Flu struck him down, all his responsibilities were struck down too. He no longer felt he had the ability to watch our three year old. He could not move from the sofa. He clearly must have been dying.  

My second child is two and a half now, yet this Man Flu episode has stayed with me all this time. When you suffer with HG, yet already have children, it is not about just being ill. It is about how to carry on with your daily life whilst being ill. 'Peppa Pig and Danny Dog' was played on the edge of the toilet seat. Bubble Guppies on the I pad became the number one go to when preschooler launched onto my bed first thing as I threw my head into a bucket (I still can't watch it without feeling nauseous). I chose my favourite throwing up spots on the way back from preschool. If I could cope with constantly smelling of sick, surely he could cope with a bit of snot? I am certain Prince William is a healthy chap. He has the best physicians in the world at his disposal. He undoubtedly has the best food served to him each evening, but there is no cure for the common cold. As we head into the colder months I beg, Prince William, if the sniffles come your way, for Kate's sake, keep calm and carry on. She will thank you for it.