Mummy Time

I’m lazy, there I said it, I can while away hours on the sofa doing nothing at all. I can have massive plans for my future but never see them through because I put them off until tomorrow, I am too idle to start them now. Or at least, I used to be. Having children is unmistakably the best thing to have ever happened to me. I am not talking solely about the sentimental side of becoming a mum, about the feeling that children have completed me as a person, they have, but they have also given me a monumental kick up the backside.

Since having children, I have discovered the novelty of ‘Mum Time’. Mum Time works on a whole other clock face. A minute of Mum Time is about 30 minutes to a normal, productive person, and about two hours to a lazy one. Children take up so much time, from the second they are born there are constant nappies to change, a million feeds to cater for, clothes to wash, linen to change, it’s never ending. As the kids grow the demands are no fewer, they simply change, ‘Mum I need help with this piece of homework.’ ‘Mum, I’m hungry’ ‘Mum I need a clean PE kit for tomorrow’ ‘Mum, Mum, Mum’. Which is why Mum Time becomes so vital in our world. I can now clean my whole bathroom at lightning speed, because I am not sure which child will interrupt the task and it needs doing, likewise, washing up will take a moment, where as I used to while away at least fifteen minutes gazing out of the window with soap suds up to my elbows. Mum Time allows me to clean the whole house in the five minutes before guests arrive.

It is not just the housework that has had a boost since the kids came along, so has my career. I always wanted to be a writer, I suspect largely because it is one of the few careers I can do from under a blanket on the sofa. Pre-kids I would think of a good idea but would be ‘too tired’ after a day at work (ha! I had no idea, I wish I could go back to that tired), so I would put it off for another day. These days I am never sure if I will get another day. I don’t mean that in a morbid sense, only tomorrow my youngest may come home ill and the following day my eldest might have a concert, or play to perform or friends over, Every second of child free time I have goes to good use, I am writing this blog in the only hour of free time I have today during daylight hours. I have already written four work emails and packaged up orders and I have twenty minutes still to go. For this, I would like to say, thank you Mum Time, if I ever become an award-winning author, it is you I will be toasting first.