Diary Of a Threenager: Family Photography

This will have to be a quick one... we are on this thing called a holiday and apparently it is rude to spend the whole holiday tapping on a device whilst bitching about my family. Trust me there will be a whole post on this bizarre invention once I'm home and Mummy isn't so dead set on 'family time'. They travel miles to a hot country just to do everything they usually do; shout at us, not let us climb on furniture, make us go to bed... but then they take photos of everything, just because the background is slightly different than normal. Bizarre.

The photos... this is what I came for... it's obscene, 'look a pretty flower, stand by this so I can photograph you', 'look some sand, I need a photo'. Then there is that app on Mummy's phone where she puts the photos and changes the colour slightly so she looks more tanned, less stressed, have fewer bags under her eyes (which everyone sees through straight away... she could NEVER look that youthful... she had kids for Christ's sake). 

Anyway, you get the point. I have yet to concoct an attention seeking plan on par with my sister's broken leg fiasco but I am mastering my getting out of photos plot. For future reference- put yourself in harm's way... it works everytime; photo by the fountain, throw yourself in the water, video of hysterical laughter, ensure you fall off chair as soon as she presses play... twenty four hours into plot and no successful photos of me... result! Now best get back to this thing called holiday... oh crap she has her camera out again... 




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