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Lela - Ashes of Childhood


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The beautiful memoirs of Lela Burbridge

The beautiful memoirs of Lela Burbridge

The launch of our long awaited book! Lela - Ashes of Childhood are the memoirs of Lela’s childhood in Uganda. Lela and I have been co-writing this book for the last two years and are very happy to announce that the book is now available to purchase on Amazon here.

You could choose to live with despair. You could choose to accept the life forced upon you; a life of poverty, corruption and injustice. Or, you could choose hope, the hope for a better life.


My name is Lela and I chose hope.


Growing up in Uganda, a land of fertile soils and warm sunshine should have been a dream, but the immoral strived to destroy my spirit. Disease tried to destroy my world. Suffering is a thief that conspires to steal all, and I was left close to destitute. But it could not take my faith and, sometimes, faith is all you need to stay alive.


All that is left of my childhood are ashes, but they are my ashes, I reclaimed my story and this is it.

A third of all profit sales from this book are to be donated to the Rafiki Thabo Foundation - a charity supporting young people and their communities in Africa through education.